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Sodick Europe

Hole Drilling EDM

Dive into the specialized world of Hole Drilling EDM with our extensive range of products. Designed for professionals who demand precision and efficiency, our selection caters to all your hole drilling requirements

Hole Drilling EDM, known for its remarkable precision in creating deep, small-diameter holes, is indispensable in industries like aerospace, tool & die, and medical equipment manufacturing. Our curated lineup includes a variety of EDM machines and accessories that embody the latest technological advancements and robust design.

From intricate tasks in hard materials to meeting the exacting standards of specialized applications, our products guarantee reliability and precision. Our commitment to quality ensures that you get the best in the market, whether for complex industrial tasks or precise engineering projects.


What sets the K1C model apart in Sodick's Hole Drilling EDM lineup?

The K1C is designed for high-precision small and medium-sized hole drilling, making it suitable for applications in aerospace and electronics where fine-detailed drilling is required. Its design incorporates Sodick’s advanced technology, meaning that the machine delivers highly accurate results consistently, even when working on complex or delicate components.

How does the K3HS model enhance production capabilities?

The K3HS is tailored for high-speed hole drilling and is capable of handling both small and large volume production with efficiency. It features advanced controls that optimise drilling speed and accuracy, making it ideal for industries like automotive and energy. Its sophisticated control systems fine-tune drilling parameters in real-time to maximise speed without compromising accuracy, which is key for maintaining productivity under tight deadlines.

What are the automation features available in these machines?

The K3HS and K4HL, for example, can be equipped with an Automatic Electrode Feeder Changer (AEF-C) and a Lower Guide Changer (LGC), which automate the electrode and guide changing processes, streamlining the machining process. This reduces the need for operator intervention and maintains high productivity levels, even in complex production setups.

How user-friendly are Sodick's Hole Drilling EDM machines?

These machines are designed with the operator in mind, featuring the LN Professional software and a user-friendly 15" TFT colour screen interface. This setup helps simplify the machine operation, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of EDM experience and ensuring smooth workflow management, even when the operator has minimal EDM training.

What support services does Sodick provide for hold-drilling EDM machines?

Each European dealer offers a comprehensive support package that includes machine installation, hands-on operational training, ongoing preventive maintenance, and responsive technical support. This robust after-sales support service ensures each EDM machine operates at peak efficiency, extends its service life, and provides customers with the reliability needed for demanding industrial applications.